Unlimited Global Messaging

ChatSim is an unlimited worldwide messaging service for multimedia ChatApps for mobile communication on any smartphone.


ChatSim is an worldwide SIM Card with unlimited text messages & emoji all over the world. All-in-one SIM card bundled with 1 year basic service is only $45 (1 year service renewal is only $25 a year).  Inexpensive add-on plans are available if you want to make many voice or video calls, photo & video sharing etc.

It works with your favorite chat APPS: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp,WeChat, BBM, Telegram, QQi, Line, Talk, imo, Hike etc. You can use it anywhere in the world when doing international travelling to keep in touch with your friends and families.

ChatSim works with any iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry10 (any unlocked smartphone or tablet). In fact you can make use your old smartphone with a ChatSim as a backup / emergency communication device.

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