KnowRoaming Global SIM sticker


  • $45.00

Save up to 85% off international voice and data roaming in 200+ countries with our Global SIM Sticker. IT IS SO SIMPLE TO USE: Apply the sticker just once to your SIM card, download the KnowRoaming app, SAY GOODBYE TO SIM SWAPPING and ENJOY TRUE ROAMING FREEDOM.

FREE WhatsApp usage worldwide (including calls and photo/video messaging). It's a GLOBAL SIM while you are travelling internationally, but it's a LOW COST LONG DISTANCE CALLING CARD when you are at home (you get 2 FREE numbers that come with your SIM Sticker: UK and USA numbers):

  • Your smartphone must be unlocked
  • Compatible with iPhone/iPad running iOS 8.0 (or later), Android mobile/tablet running OS 4.0 and newer, Windows phones, BlackBerry running Android OS.
  • 24/7 Support available
  • FREE $20 Refill Voucher for a new customer.